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The following case studies are published with the clients permission. All clients and their stories are real. Names are sometimes changed at the clients request. All Scalp Micro UK clients may remain confidential if preferred. Just let us know when you book.

Before After

Jimmy, 53

Dudswell, Berkhamsted

Jimmy approached Scalp Micro UK after receiving an unsatisfactory result at another clinic. Some patches were darker than others. The design of his hairline was poor, and his temples were not well thought-out either.

After his initial consultation, we agreed that a corrective top up would be enough to significantly improve his treatment outcome.

Craig was able to even out Jimmy’s treatment by disguising the darker patches with some expert blending. Craig also brought his hairline down to better match the temple areas, whilst keeping his whole look soft, subtle and age appropriate.

Needless to say, Jimmy is very happy with his treatment now and has decided to come to Scalp Micro UK for any future top-up needs.

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