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The following case studies are published with the clients permission. All clients and their stories are real. Names are sometimes changed at the clients request. All Scalp Micro UK clients may remain confidential if preferred. Just let us know when you book.

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Pam, 62

Hayes, Hillingdon

Pam came to us in a state of some distress. She had experienced thinning hair for some time and had resorted to using fibres to cover up her hair loss.

Although the cause of her diffuse thinning was unclear, the solution agreed upon was the addition of scalp micropigmentation to create the illusion of density, and reduce the visibility of her skin through her hair.

Based in Hayes, Pam couldn’t find a nearby artist who she trusted, and as specialists in female SMP, Pam felt comfortable coming to us for help.

For an experienced artist, Pam’s needs were straightforward enough. Craig’s approach was to match the pigment selection and dilution ratio to her dark hair and to give Pam a parting to keep the finished look as natural as possible.

Pam is very happy with the outcome, and she no longer uses fibres.

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