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The following case studies are published with the clients permission. All clients and their stories are real. Names are sometimes changed at the clients request. All Scalp Micro UK clients may remain confidential if preferred. Just let us know when you book.

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Matt, 37

Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead

As is the case with many of our clients, Matt was recommended to Scalp Micro UK after two of his friends from Hemel Hempstead had scalp micropigmentation with Craig.

His friends were both very happy with their results and had been encouraging Matt to follow suit. A great candidate for SMP, it was a comfortable decision for Matt so he came to us for three treatment sessions in total.

His only request was for a super-soft natural hairline. After seeing his friends go through the process, Matt had a reasonably clear idea of what he wanted. A straightforward approach for an experienced artist like Craig, and needless to say, Matt is thrilled with the outcome.

Before After

Sam, 37

Bennetts End, Hemel Hempstead

By the time Sam came to Scalp Micro UK, she had exhausted all other avenues to help with her thinning hair and was at her wits end. After learning about scalp micropigmentation online, Sam was curious and made the short trip from Hemel Hempstead to Studham for a free consultation.

As it turns out, SMP offered a simple but very effective solution for Sam, which was quite a relief after searching for an answer to her thinning hair for such a long time. Craig is the most experienced artist specialising in female hair loss in the UK, so Sam was assured of getting the right advice and a great result.

Craig used a specialist pigment, matching the shade to her dark hair, allowing for a parting in her hair to further enhance her really natural finish.

Before After

Alex, 30

Woodhall Farm, Hemel Hempstead

Alex’ biggest concern about getting scalp micropigmentation was that he wanted a really natural look, but he’d seen the work from another artist in Hemel Hempstead that he wasn’t happy with. Clients coming to us having seen bad work elsewhere is becoming more common, hence why it is so important for all prospective clients to thoroughly research their options.

As one of the longest serving SMP artists in the world, Alex was comfortable with Craig and his track record, and chose to book with us. As you can see, his treatment outcome looks great, exactly as he wanted.

We usually recommend a soft, natural looking approach, however this is almost always our recommendation when the client is particularly nervous about getting SMP. It is always easier to add more, than to take it away, hence why our approach is usually conservative at first, to give the client a chance to evaluate and decide from there.

Before After

Tim, 55

Chaulden, Hemel Hempstead

Tim came to us in 2018 wanting a nice, subtle hairline. Over the years, he had become accustomed to his receding hairline, but he desired a natural-looking enhancement to boost his confidence. Choosing scalp micropigmentation with Scalp Micro UK was the perfect solution for him.

Tim traveled from Hemel Hempstead to our clinic and was thrilled with the results from his initial sessions. Recently, on 24th May 2024, he visited us again for a touch-up. Even after six years, Tim’s treatment had held up remarkably well.

The artist at Scalp Micro UK carefully refreshed his hairline, maintaining the subtle and natural look Tim loved. Now, Tim feels even more confident and appreciates the understated yet significant change scalp micropigmentation has brought to his appearance.

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