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The following case studies are published with the clients permission. All clients and their stories are real. Names are sometimes changed at the clients request. All Scalp Micro UK clients may remain confidential if preferred. Just let us know when you book.

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Husnain, 29

Symonds Green, Stevenage

Like many of our clients, one of Husnain’s friends, also from Stevenage, actually found Scalp Micro UK before he did. Intrigued about the scalp micropigmentation process, Husnain wanted to see how his friends procedure turned out first as he was still very much on the fence.

When he saw his friends result, Husnain decided to book his own treatment sessions with Craig. Being a young guy, he wanted a fairly defined hairline and we were happy to oblige, however we advised Husnain to start off safe and subtle, and adjust as his sessions progressed.

After his first session, both Husnain and Craig were happy with his treatment progress and agreed to bring his hairline down considerably lower during his second SMP session.

Husnain is very pleased with his final outcome and has recommended us to several friends already.

Before After

Alex, 30

Great Ashby, Stevenage

Stevenage is a small place, with only one clinic offering scalp micropigmentation services at the time that Alex was looking. Unhappy with the quality of the results in their portfolio, Alex looked elsewhere and found Scalp Micro UK. At the time we were based in London Colney, not far from St Albans, but it was a short drive so Alex was happy to make the trip.

As with most of our clients, Alex wanted a soft and natural look. Additionally, despite his young age, Craig was keen to ensure his hairline would remain appropriate as he aged.

Alex had three treatment sessions and has since referred many of his friends to us for consultations, two of whom proceeded with SMP and are also very satisfied with the service provided.

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