Aftercare Advice for Scalp Micropigmentation Clients

Interested in scalp micropigmentation but worried about what the aftercare process entails? Here, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about scalp micropigmentation aftercare, so you feel prepared for your treatment.

Why Should I Follow Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Instructions?

You’ve paid for and attended treatment. While you’re free to do what you want when you walk out of the office, you’ll get the best results with proper care and need follow-up appointments less frequently.

Can I Exercise after Micropigmentation?

For the best results, avoid exercise for one week after treatment. That’s because the sweat can irritate the skin, cause the pigment to fade, and impede proper healing.

How Do I Keep My Head Dry and Cool?

Find yourself sweating throughout the day, even without exercising? Keep a small fan on hand. Blow it onto your head to dry your scalp while also keeping it cool.

Can I Wear Hats after the Treatment?

Hats are an excellent tool for protecting your scalp from the sun and stopping you from excessive touching or itching.

You can wear a hat right after your treatment but look for a loose-fitting one. This stops fabric from constantly touching the pigment, making it fade faster or causing irritation.

When Should I Return to My Normal Routine?

Although people heal at different rates, mainly depending on how well you care for your scalp, it should be healed about two weeks after treatment. Keep an eye on it, and you can return to your regular routine when you’ve recovered.

You’ll also want to let your technician know how the healing has gone so far and schedule your next follow-up appointment.

What Should I Do for Long-Term Care?

Once healed, your necessary scalp micropigmentation aftercare is primarily non-existent, and you can return to your routine from before treatment. However, the better you care for your skin in the long run, the more you can avoid fading and keep the color looking its best. Here are some tips for long term care:

  • Don’t apply products with alcohol or alpha hydroxy acids directly to your head.
  • Put on sunscreen before leaving the house.
  • Protect your scalp from harsh lighting with hats.
  • After leaving a chlorinated pool, thoroughly rinse to remove chemicals.

Enjoy Your New Look

When you do your part to protect your scalp, you’ll get the best results from your treatment. So after just a few weeks and a few bottles of sunscreen later, you’ll have a healthy, pigmented head of hair to show off.

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