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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Does scalp micropigmentation hurt? Oh boy, if every SMP technician on the planet had a wad of bucks for each time this question was asked… they’d all be riding around in Lambo’s.

In stark reality, offering an accurate answer to this question is extremely difficult to do. Pain thresholds vary. However, an additional stark reality is, if you undergo treatment it is administered using a needle. It doesn’t penetrate particularly deeply into the skin, however, it does break the skin’s barrier and underneath that said barrier are pain sensors. So you’re going to feel it.

Because we don’t have a hard and fast answer to the question, we are going to base the rest of this article on feedback given. And the overwhelming and general opinion is… the initial shock factor when treatment begins can certainly be construed as light pain. However, this quickly subsides and the feeling of pain is overtaken by just a sensation. Not particularly comfortable, not particularly uncomfortable. However, it’s certainly noticeable.

Now for some, this could conjure up the image of a not altogether pleasant afternoon of discomfort which will require management. And so, for that very purpose, here is a comprehensive list of solutions you can use to overcome your fears.

What Can You do to Make Your Scalp Micropigmentation a More Comfortable Experience?

  1. Ensure you are relaxed when you arrive at the SMP clinic. Wear your sweatpants, bring your Airpods, get your favorite playlist on standby and be yourself. The procedure can last the best part of half a day and so you may as well treat the experience as a leisurely one.
  2. Ask your technician about numbing cream that can be applied in advance. If you really feel the need for this, your practitioner is the one who can suggest the best brand and product.
  3. Consider taking a codeine-based pain killer before you arrive at the clinic. Avoid at all costs Aspirin as it is a known anticoagulant and if you are taking any other type of blood-thinner certainly seek medical advice before undergoing scalp micropigmentation treatment.
  4. And finally, place yourself into the right frame of mind prior to treatment. Fear and pain are closely linked. The tenser you are the more sensitive you’ll be. Try some breathing exercises, or even ten minutes of yoga beforehand.

As a takeaway for this article, always remember that the pain or discomfort you’ll experience is worth it. Scalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that is, by its own nature, life-changing. It is known to not only conceal the devastation that hair loss induces but can restore broken self-esteem and confidence levels. Yes, it may be vaguely disagreeable to receive, however, this is a minor price to pay for the maintenance-free appearance of hair.

If you’ve been considering treatment and you’ve been asking yourself, does scalp micropigmentation hurt? And you are still unsure about receiving SMP for this sole reason, then pick up the phone and dial. Here at Scalp Micro we can talk you through the process from A to Z and try to allay the fears.