Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake?

For most, the reason they are looking to receive scalp micropigmentation is that they want to achieve an ultimately natural look. It’s not about statements and standing out from the crowd. It’s about gaining a no-fuss treatment and returning to life as normal. So does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No, it doesn’t – not even slightly. However, there are caveats if you want to achieve a hairline that is indistinguishable from that of a real one.

When all said and done, any scalp micropigmentation treatment is as good as the technician who has administered it. And to perfect a natural hairline takes time, training, energy and a whole lot of passion for the industry and your career.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Also known by the abbreviated version, SMP, treatment is administered by a qualified technician. It works by natural pigments being implanted underneath the outer and waterproof layer of your skin which is known as the epidermis. The pigments are implanted in a series of tiny dots using a machine that has been fitted with a microneedle. Once the implants have healed over they leave a marking that resembles hair follicles. The end result is a look of a freshly barbered and iconic buzz-cut, or in the case of diffuse thinning, underlying shading to provide a look of density. In the case of scarring from surgery, burns or birthmarks, scalp micropigmentation can be administered to even out the linear aspect deeming the blemish near to invisible to the naked eye.

What Do I Need to Know to Ensure a Natural Scalp Micropigmentation Finish?

Anyone looking to invest both emotionally and financially into this innovative procedure should understand that if you receive a poorly administered treatment the result will look far from natural. Always choose your technician wisely. Ask your chosen practitioner where they have trained and also how much previous experience they’ve got. Any clinic that is worth their salt should have a great portfolio of before and after pictures and come with some decent recommendations.

In addition to choosing your technician wisely, also plan your future hairline well in advance and give it a decent amount of thought. If you are unsure, ask your practitioner what they recommend. Avoid anything too low, sharp-edged or linear for an ultimate natural finish.

Once your treatment is completed, do adhere to the recommended aftercare routines. All too often people leave these to slide far too quickly. In addition, be really wary of spending too long in super-strong sunshine. If you insist on sun-worshipping immediately after treatment, wear a hat.

To conclude…

Returning to the original question of does scalp micropigmentation look fake? The veritable response really has to be, get it right and you’ll have a hairline that looks natural and clean. If you fall onto the dark side of the industry it is a very different matter. If you want to discuss SMP treatments in more detail then connect with us here and find out how we can help you through your hair restoration journey.

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