How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Also known by its abbreviated version, SMP, this innovative and contemporary treatment is changing the hair restoration industry daily. Firmly established as a household name, it is a life-changer for many and works in a manner that is both paramedical and holistic. But how does scalp micropigmentation work? And why is it different from other hair loss solutions?

What Exactly is Scalp Micropigmentation and How is it Administered?

To begin with, let us look at what this ground-breaking treatment is. Scalp micropigmentation is an aesthetic treatment that works to conceal the damage that hair loss leaves.

It is a little like a tattoo, only with some significant differences in how it’s administered. But for all intents and purposes, natural pigment is implanted under the skin’s outer barrier leaving an indelible mark, albeit one that fades, which resembles a tiny hair follicle growing under the skin.

When a practitioner applies SMP to the scalp, he or she will work using a machine fitted with a specifically designed and super-fine needle that has been fitted to it. The implants are placed in a series of tiny dots and generally speaking, the total time of any given SMP session will take anything up to four hours. A receiver will rarely require more than four sessions of scalp micropigmentation and often two are sufficient.

The results are a look of a closely shaved buzz-cut in the case of pattern baldness or overall hair loss and an appearance of density for diffuse thinning. 

When Scalp Micropigmenation Goes Beyond Hair Loss

Whenever scarring is apparent and visible, which is always the case on a scalp, it is complex for its owner. Scars are inflexible and will have an impact on one’s emotional condition and life.

To conceal the site of a scar requires a specific skill from your chosen SMP practitioner. They will work by blending natural pigments seamlessly with the complexion found on the rest of the scalp. It requires a razor-sharp precision and the implants require various shades to even out the linear aspect of the scar. The results are incredible invisibility to the naked eye meaning confidence and self-esteem levels can thereafter be worked on to enable rebuilding.

Who Can Benefit From Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

  • Male and female pattern baldness sufferers
  • People with alopecia, also commonly known as patch baldness
  • As mentioned above, scar owners
  • Scalp micropigmentation can add the appearance of density to those with diffuse thinning
  • Cancer patients, bridging the gap between hair loss and regrowth post-treatment

How Long Will Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Generally speaking, once your treatment is complete and aftercare routines have been fully respected you should expect to be maintenance-free for three to five years. Once this period is coming to an end you’ll notice your treatment will begin to fade. Thereafter, a simple case of top-ups is required.

So now you know how it functions, the last question has to be… does scalp micropigmentation work? And the answer is an unequivocal yes. As previously mentioned, it conceals the damage hair loss brings, unlike other hair restoration solutions that promote new hair growth. So if you’d like to find out more then just reach out right here and see how Scalp Micro UK can help you.

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