Scalp Micropigmentation for Women Cost Hacks – Good or Bad?

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This is probably quite a bizarre title for an article. We are all trying to sell our services and scalp micropigmentation for women cost hacks are everywhere. But really, as a provider should we be pulling on the heartstrings when it comes to such emotional purchases?

Anyone suffering from hair loss is really rather vulnerable. It is all such an emotional subject matter. And albeit we can completely sympathize with male baldness as it is distressing, women also suffer. But in a different way.

For women, their hair represents strength and is a symbol of instinct and seduction, physical attraction. When it is long and flows it demonstrates the freedom that is deeply associated with the soul. Which is why it is so devastating if it begins to thin. On the other side of the coin, men’s hair loss can be seen as virility – deeming it sociably more acceptable. Couple this with the makeup of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, which controls social behavior and over-thinking, being bigger than that of male counterparts. Then add anterior cortex which processes emotions and generates worry… again much larger than that of male counterparts, and you begin to realize that when a woman has to process hair loss it is a much more complex situation. And it means that being objective when making the decision to opt for scalp micropigmentation less effective. It can leave women extremely vulnerable to making choices based solely on price hacks.

Now, we need to add a caveat here, which is that we are not looking to diminish the psychological impact attached to hair loss in men. We know and understand that it hurts self-esteem, attacks the general well-being. It is really just a case that it’s simply different – it is not processed in the same way. That is all. So this begs the question of whether hacks for SMP costs for women are morally correct and what are the pitfalls?

Why SMP Cost Hacks are Dangerous

  • Treatments are bespoke as no single hair loss disorder is alike. It is impossible to estimate the cost in advance – meaning price hacks are suspicious.
  • SMP cost hacks usually involve under-qualified technicians providing substandard treatments.
  • Cost hacks for scalp micropigmentation are generally linked to speed, the number of sessions or corner-cutting exercises such as inferior pigments which can cause discoloration.

When Scalp Micropigmentation Cost Hacks Can Work

  • One of the cost hacks that will work is if you find a technician that is fully trained and they need to build their portfolio.
  • Not particularly a scalp micropigmentation cost hack but certainly a way to ease the financial burden is through staggered payments. Many clinics now offer some great payment plans.

To Conclude…

Everyone loves to buy into the idea of frugality. Yet when it comes to emotional and important purchases one has to ask oneself if they really are a good idea. Scalp micropigmentation for women cost hacks certainly do exist. However, they can also come with some pretty serious side-effects if they don’t go according to plan. So are they good or are they bad? Well, in reality, SMP is just one of those exercises that need to be treated as an important purchase. It is far too life-changing to make risky decisions.

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